Saturday, January 29, 2011


I had all that fun and excitement last weekend and now I have nada.

Oh wait I feel like I am hemorrhaging money I don't have, if you wish you could call that exciting.

In January had to spend $500 on the car to get an oil leak fixed. Now today our Transmission in the truck has decided to quit working. FUN STUFF!! I am sure that will be a minimum of $500. All this money I don't have!!

I have been paying a lawyer money to defend myself from my crappy neighbor who decided to charge me with disturbing the piece with a Barking Dog Citation, which also happens to be a misdemeanor. Again money I don't have just walking out the door. Also on top of that it is currently set to go to trail, jury trial that is. Of course because I can't afford that as of right now it appears I am going to have to change my plea to "Guilty" because I can't afford to prove my innocence.

Isn't that a crock. This is what our country has come too. You are only as innocent as you can afford to be.

Okay I will quit complaining. At least we have our jobs, both of us are employed and make good money. We all have our health. I have lots of love surrounding me. I am blessed. I have to focus on that, and trust that it will all work out.

Other than that a boring weekend, I guess I will go log off and watch a movie with the family. At least I have that right :)

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