Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Need to join my age group!

So it is pretty bad when you have a rude awakening that your mother is cooler, hipper, and up to all the blogging, cyber web facing, interfacing with all you computer junkies, when I am thirty years younger and I taught her how to use the Internet in the first place.

My mother has an IPOD, a KINDLE, TWO BLOGS, she TWEETS, she FACEBOOKS, and who knows what else. She is constantly sending me invites to Google+, GOOD READS, and more to follow her everywhere via the Internet. She has been hounding me for weeks to SKYPE!

GOOD GRIEF! How does this happen, who took over my mother, and where is she!!

Actually I am proud of her. All these things are great tools for us to use, and the majority of us are not using them as designed. We are wasting free advertising, free networking, free, free, free!

My excuse is a poor one, time! It really is a poor excuse. I work at an emergency clinic (veterinarian) as a technician, and we are either CRAZY or DEAD! I have time, they allow me to bring my computer to work, they allow me to access the Internet, and with in reason do as I please. So my excuse is a poor one. I am currently at work typing this, as a matter of fact.

The real reason I am being left behind is I am intimidated!!!! I have no idea how to use this stuff, I don't know where to start, and half the time it gets all munged up, and I just throw my hands in the air, and threaten my computer. I just missed the boat of computer networking being taught in school, when I was in high school the Internet was new, high tech, and expensive. Yes, I come from the era of no tech, to new tech. My dad had a bag phone!

Everything is moving so fast, if you do not stay on top of it you get swiped off and fall behind.

So my quest is to try to stay on top of this Internet craze and to join the forces of cyber junkies. Like it or not, here I come!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Isn't it amazing how a single smell can take you away. Back to where you once were, good, bad, or indifferent.

My daughters came home today from the neighbors who have a wood burning stove. Because it is snowing like November outside today, they had the stove roaring. I was able to have a few moments with my girls, before heading to my second job. As I was sitting on the couch just snuggling them I was soaking in the wonderful scent of a wood burning stove, and relishing those thoughts and memories of my childhood.

As I was growing up, we always had a wood burning stove. Actually my parents have a custom, handmade stove that they received for a wedding gift I believe. I love that stove, so much that seeing as they have decided on a permanent vacation in the Islands I have request ownership of said stove. I wish that I could install it in my current home, but we lack the space. So I have a special spot already planned for it, in the dream home we hope to build someday on our 20 acres.

Anyways, I always loved how in the cold months that stove made our house a home. It was warm and comforting. Often I would play, color, or curl up right by that stove. I loved watching my dads ritual of cleaning the stove. I have fond memories of going into the woods as a family to cut wood. I never had to work, I explored. One of my favorite pastimes, exploring the woods.

We used to dry our boots, mittens, everything by the stove. I loved, at night right before bed, standing by the stove soaking in as much warmth as possible and running to bed taking the heat of the stove with you.

As much as I love the Ocean, as much as I love my parents Island. I could never not snowing falling and a warm fire to sit by. It was how I was raised and it is something I truly do love. This is why I need to win the lottery, build that dream house and have a cabana by the ocean too!

For now, I will have to visit the neighbors.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I am gonna kill them!

MY DOGS! That's who.

So we have been fighting for over a year with our neighbor, over our dogs. You have to understand that this man hates dogs, with a passion. He shot the neighbors in cold blood. Once their dog was gone, check, he moved onto ours.

It started with a barking dog nuisance, that has snowballed into 6 misdemeanor charges for disturbing the peace, thousands of dollars in fines, informal probation for Don. The purpose of this blog is not the details of all of that....see past blogs for those.

Today I went to the store...bought some groceries. Some dinner items, some special treats, gourmet cookies, chocolate, going to have a pleasant night. You know how it is. Crazy days, wanted to treat the family.

So had to leave for twenty minutes to pick up Macy from the bus, left the dogs inside, locked out of my bedroom where a brand new mattress and comforter set do not need dog juice and hair. I had not even unpacked any of the groceries yet, left them on the counter.

Now a year a go, I would have quickly put the dogs into the Taj-mahal Kennel that inhabits my backyard. But due to before mentioned neighbor, $2000.00 just sits in my back yard growing weeds.

So I leave, and come back to find that Gunner and Zip, 2 of our 4 dogs, had devoured all my food. ALL OF IT. Now for those of you who don't know Zip and Gunner are our senior dogs. Gunner will be 9, and Zip is 7. Trustworthy right, apparently not.

They ate:

1 dozen gourmet peanut butter cookies

1 dozen hamburger buns, plus half the package.

1 large bag of chocolate candy, including half the package and every single individual wrapper, but one...I must of come in the door just then for them to have left it.

1lb raw hamburger

I had no words, I didn't even beat them. They will get theirs, sometime tonight around midnight their tummies will rumble and up it will come. I simply took them to the garage, the were excited thought they were going for a ride. Shoved them both into a crate that fits only one. Closed the door, the partners in crime can be partners in diarrhea tonight.