Thursday, March 31, 2011


I hate waiting......

I am currently waiting for the wind to stop and the sun to shine. We really want to go outside.

I currently feel like I have a lot on hold right now, waiting on one thing. I am a very impatient person, so it is always a trail for me to wait. It is not a big deal, no harm in waiting, but it is driving me crazy.

I also hate for certain things to happen in a hurry. I am a natural procrastinator....but there are a few things I don't like to do that with. While I am waiting, I am risking putting some of those things into a huge procrastinated pattern. Not thrilled, but I know that right now it is important to wait.

So I will keep waiting, I will try to not go silently insane, and I know that eventually the wait will be over, and I will move forward.

Funny thing, I am waiting for some news. I could go either way on this one, at this point I just wanna know which way it is I am going. I "think" I would prefer one way over the other....but at this moment I am not really sure. I guess I will just hurry up and wait.

Good news is that tomorrow is supposed to be 59 degrees, no wind, gorgeous!! We are gonna go play outside, all day!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

My Island

I was missing my mom today, depressed by the snow, and wishing we could have a fun day together to take my mind off of it.

Plans changed for a friend and we decided to go to town together, not the same, but the nexxt best thing. She bought me a gift, it really gave me a piece of my mom and her island.

One of the coolest things in St. Croix is all the jungle flowers. When we were there in August there were these beautiful Jungle flowers in bloom everywhere, my favorite was the hibiscus that grew all over, including right out my mom's front door. So in Sam's Club of all places they had these beautiful planted Hibiscus trees. I loved it and really wanted one but was being cheap. Chelsey bought it for me as a Thank you.

It is beautiful, and will look beautiful inside, until we truly have summer than it can live outside and then come back in for the winter. I will have my own small island year round ( I plan to add a fish tank with seahorses someday). Something that when again I am missing my mom I can sit down and look at my Hibiscus and imagine hers, by her pool, her door, and everywhere else on her island.

It's the small things really, that make the most out of life.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Welcome 30!

I have done a lot in 30 years, but the last 30 years were the expected 30 years. You are born, you grow and go to school - 12yrs, then you should go to college - 4yrs, I went 1 1/2, and then tried my hand at some practical knowledge, you get married I have done that - 8yrs. We have had kids, and in a few short weeks I will have been a parent for 5yrs. Collectivly that is 29yrs of life lived, summed up really quick.

Now for my 30th year and on......I have no plans!

I mean, I plan to be a good mom, a great wife. I hope to continue my lifelong education, I hope to grow in my job, or out of it - however you look at that. I hope to live life fully, to explore, play, relax, and enjoy life.

I know there will be sorrow, I know there will be difficult times, I know that I can't always succeed in life. But I plan to try.

But, I have no BIG PLANS.....I like it. I am sure that by tomorrow that will change. I have to have my lists, I have to have my goals......but for today, on my birthday I have no plans other than to be better at the most important things in life, Motherhood, Marriage, and Me, to make me a better person.

Hows that for the next 30 years. I plan to be a mother, a wife, and to make me be the best that I can.

Thank you mommy and daddy for bringing me into this wonderful world thirty years ago. Thank you for at almost this same point in your life also becoming my mother. Thank you for setting a great example as parents, and as people. Thanks for giving me the opportunity, and I look forward to sharing the next 30 years with you as well!!


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Holy Cow!

First of all, I just realized it has almost been a month since my last post!! How totally boring for those of you who check in on me.

Second, I am turning 30 in exactly 4 days (4 1/2 technically a 1/2 a day left today). I can't believe it. I actually was dreading turning 30 a year ago. Usually I procrastinate, but I think I jumped the gun and stressed out about turning 30 a whole year in advance, because now that I am staring it in the face, I am thinking "Bring It On"!

Bring On the next 30 years. I don't want my kids to grow up, but since it is the inevitable.....I look forward to having a front row seat to the main event. I am looking forward to the travels, adventures, and mysteries of the next 30 yrs. I am hoping for bucket loads of self improvement, deep pools of fun, and everlasting joy. I now their will be disappointments, and sad times, but who looks forward to those kind of things.

I like to make lists (thanks mom) and I had made a list when I turned 29 of things I wanted to achieve before I turned 30. Funny thing is a didn't achieve any of the things on the list, but I did some really amazing, fun, and new things last year. I topped it all off with my best surprise of the year, Rozalyn. So instead of making lists, and plans to be fowled. I am just looking and waiting for all the the things just beyond the horizon. I know that there are great things ahead, and I am all for them.

Besides, everyone knows the old adage "Everything gets better with time".