Sunday, September 15, 2013

Not to be bragging, but...

Look closely, yes that's a horses tail!
Life is good.

Cute little slogan that has appeared somewhere in the last ten years on t-shirts, and hats, and everything else. I liked it a lot at first, then it got redundant and trite. Especially the time I was at line at a ranch and everything else store, and the lady in front of me was wearing a "Life is Good" t-shirt/hat ensemble. She was not living the creed and instead had the attitude of a bitch in heat. She yelled at me, the clerk, her kids, and then smacked her kid hard for crying over a dropped bottle, yes a bottle folks....she was under two. I got yelled at because I told her exactly what I thought of her supposed "Good Life".

At that point, I started to be annoyed with the "Life is Good" clothing line, and never bought any of it. However, recently I realized that my life, was really good, actually more like great. Nothing is perfect, we all know that. I am dreading the day that my husband packs a bag and heads out of town to work. I have days that my children literally drive me into my room for sanctuary, even though they are usually just sitting on the other side of the door, going "mom, mom, mom, mom..." you get my point.

On the other hand, my husband makes enough money to pay all our bills, plus the fact that I am currently paying off debt, and the bonus on top is that I do not HAVE to work. Do you know how good it feels that Monday through Sunday I am never filled with that dreadful feeling of "I have to go to work tomorrow, and I don't want to." Never crosses my mind, don't miss it, and honestly enjoy staying home with the kiddos. I get a little bored (see Idle in August), but I go looking for work, find several jobs I am sure I could be hired for, contemplate it for a minute, and then decide... nope don't wanna do it. It is great to be able to decide that!

Blissfully happy, if you've forgotten
I have come up with a couple of ideas to keep busy, and am always excited to  make a little money. I do feel a little guilty when I buy things specifically for me, and know that I didn't earn a dime of the money I just spent but that guilt disappears quickly as I relish the fact that I spent years earning money and have back charges on my account. When you work like a dog, you never have time for you, I am making up for lost time.

I have time with my family. It is a beautiful thing, I love them so much and can't get enough time as a family. We all really need to focus more on spending time with the ones we love. I have more time to devote to my friendships. I swear I have spent more time with my friends in the last four months, than I did in the last ten years. My house is clean, my animals loved. I get to stop and smell the roses, I can bake, clean, and create. My life is really good right now and I want everyone to know that I know it, and am so grateful for it.
Now don't be jealous...find your own greatness, and if you don't have it go out there and get it. Sometimes it may seem scary, it may not be exactly what you think it would be. Mine sure wasn't, but when you find it you will know and you will be blissfully happy.

Go now, find it.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Chai, Pumpkin, and all the rest that makes this the best.

Can you feel it?

I have always been a fall girl. Some of my oldest and most favorite memories are in the fall. I can still feel the leaves crunch beneath my feet on my Grandpa's street in Chicago as we trick or treated his neighbors a lifetime ago.

I love summer, being tan long days, ocean breeze. I love snow piled high, and the quiet of the darkness as you walk out to feed the horses, flakes falling silently all around. I love Christmas morning in all it's glory. Tulips are my favorite flower, and I love all the baby animals come spring. But is home, my sanctuary, my blankie in life.

It was the one thing I missed the most in the Caribbean. It has it's own smell, its own feel, and its own distinctive resounding change in the atmosphere all around us. I think some of it is the forager and gather instinct in us. We know something is coming, not certain what but that we must prepare. I don't know about the rest of you, but there is something about Fall that slows me down. I realize the little things. Big changes, our children are all of sudden older, moving forward. All that I accomplish in the summer, is no longer important. The Fall is the part of nature that brings us in, slows us down, and makes us prepare for the year ahead.

I often think that September should have been the beginning of a year instead of January. So many things end and start in September, it would be easier.

Well as I sip my Chai, and snuggle in my blankie I can say simply I am grateful for Fall and hope that this season you all reach your goals, make memories, and find your dreams.