Wednesday, June 30, 2010


It is really hot today! My house has no AC, and west facing windows. Can't hardly stand it inside until 9-10pm!!

Went to chiropractor today, he couldn't even get my back to budge! Did do an ultrasound on my back and got the muscle's to loosen a little. He thinks he can get it with time. Says that it appears to be mostly the muscles in my lower back so tense that they feel like steel!

On a fun note went to K-Mart for their 4th of July sale! GREAT DEALS! Bought new swimsuits for Macy & Don, best of all though I bought the cutest Onsie!!

It's Official, finally getting excited!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Fun

Stuck at home today with a VERY sore back. Not all bad though, I can catch up on what is needed! Rest, Relax, and BLOG!!

It has gotten HOT here, but at least it quit raining and snowing!! We were able to get Macy's pool out and she is lovin' life! It's hard to do much after work but sit in the shade, but looking forward to this weekend. I get a 4 day, and Don gets a 3 day. Should be fun. Big plans for the parade and fireworks!! Wahoo!!!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Believe it or not, it has only been a day and I am back on here posting again.

Work was "Insane" today! Short on help, filled in with unquailified help, and we were busy, busy, busy. I was not sure what my job title was, and to top it off as usual the doctors decided to install the new fridge today. ARGGHHRRGGG!!

Anyways, few more fun camping trip photos to add.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Not Surprised, but not so good at this yet!

Well, set up a blog and immediatly abandoned it!!

First funny thing, I am not dieting becaue obviously I am pregnant, but no matter I am just eating healthy, and yes I have a weightloss goal, but realistically it is set for June 2011!! So, anyways, go to the doctor and for the first time in my life, got hollared at for loosing 4lbs!! WOW, 4lbs, not that big of a deal, but they made a fuss. Went camping so I am figuring I gained 6lbs on smores, should make them happy!!

As for camping we had a blast!!! We went to Steel Creek, by Kilgore, ID. We took two horses, rode, roasted marshmellows, went fishing and even caught some Brookies!! Record catch of the day was 8 in!! Macy was in heaven, and can't stop talking about it. She said her favorite part was all of the above!! Was worth every minute, was relaxing, and fun. Can't wait to go again!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Almost Forgot!!

Hey, don't have a lot of time, but I forgot to tell everyone that you have to feed my fish!! I would hate for them to die. Just move your mouse over the blue and click away, watch the fish attack the food!!

More goals coming soon!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Give it a Shot!

Blogging.....never thought that I would succumb to such!

Looks like it might be fun, I have some goals I want to reach in a year June 2011, that is. Some goals that will take longer, but this might be a fun way to stay focused and on track.

Also, we had a fair amount of family living close by, and well, they have all moved away. Do we stink??

So this could be another (like Facebook, email, Skype aren't enough) to keep in touch!!

I guess I figure I have some spare time, ha ha! So come back often and check us out, watch for that famous list of goals, feel free to make comments, and oh yeah, push me to reach those goals!!