Monday, March 28, 2011

My Island

I was missing my mom today, depressed by the snow, and wishing we could have a fun day together to take my mind off of it.

Plans changed for a friend and we decided to go to town together, not the same, but the nexxt best thing. She bought me a gift, it really gave me a piece of my mom and her island.

One of the coolest things in St. Croix is all the jungle flowers. When we were there in August there were these beautiful Jungle flowers in bloom everywhere, my favorite was the hibiscus that grew all over, including right out my mom's front door. So in Sam's Club of all places they had these beautiful planted Hibiscus trees. I loved it and really wanted one but was being cheap. Chelsey bought it for me as a Thank you.

It is beautiful, and will look beautiful inside, until we truly have summer than it can live outside and then come back in for the winter. I will have my own small island year round ( I plan to add a fish tank with seahorses someday). Something that when again I am missing my mom I can sit down and look at my Hibiscus and imagine hers, by her pool, her door, and everywhere else on her island.

It's the small things really, that make the most out of life.

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Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Wow! that's one beautiful plant. What a wonderful "thank you" gift. Miss you too, and wish you and your little girls could be here to enjoy the beauty, beaches and the pool with me. It would be fun to sit down and talk face to face, go to lunch and have lobster casedillas(sp?) and hold the little girls on my lap. SOON!