Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Fun

Well, although I would love to be on a beach somewhere in all reality I really do enjoy winter. As long as were having fun!

We have had some fun so far this winter so I thought I would take a moment and share some pictures!!

Macy has been sledding down our "Mega Drift" in the back yard.

The day after Thanksgiving we all loaded up in the truck to go hunting, Don shot a nice buck in Sheep Creek Canyon. He says it is "One for the Girls" seeing as it was Rozi's first time hunting.

Don has brought home some ducks, with Gunner the "Amazing Duck Dog"!

We built a wonderful snowman, who because of the freezing temperatures has managed to stay put in our yard still.

Don pulled Macy and I around with the 4-wheeler in sub-zero temperatures and I thought I might freeze my cheeks off!!!

And, we even had time to ride. We went to a Team Penning and Sorting, where we took 3rd overall in the Sorting!

See who says you can't have fun in winter, you just FREEZE TO DEATH trying.