Friday, January 14, 2011


Sure enough, projectile vomit, not my mouth worse my poor little 7wk old baby is sick. Makes me mad, course not that I am surprised.

She is doing much better at the time I am writing this. She has kept her milk down for a solid 4 hours now, so hopefully its over. Time will tell. She got awfully pale, and just wanted to sleep and be held. So I gladly did that.

Had to do dance class today with Macy, she loves to dance. She got to wear her new Tutu, and show it off. Then we had a few errands to run. Once we got home we all snuggled on the couch, then Macy took a nap. Rozi and I snuggled in, she slept and I watched a movie. I didn't accomplish much today, but it felt good to just relax. Hopefully it will help us all feel better.

Making brownies, Don rented a movie and we are all gonna snuggle on the couch tonight. Sounds warm, and cozy.


Stephanie said...

oh no...i hope everyone gets to feeling better!! brownies are my favorite, i'm so jealous!! What movie did you guys see??

Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Hope that by now Rozi is all better, Please let me know for sure, I have been so worried about here. Hope no one else gets it. Rent the movie Charlie St. Cloud, saw it tonight, it is really good.