Thursday, January 6, 2011


Check it out, all my complaining and we survived our first work week just fine!!!!

Macy was a little grumpy last night when I picked her up, due to no naps, and Rozalyn would not let us put her down, and had to sleep the first half of the night with us.....but other than that all was okay!!!

I did fine, I really do love my job, so that makes it easier for me. We had a lot going on, and I could tell that everyone was really happy to have me back. Always makes you feel good. We had an emergency surgery come in at lunch and I got to assist, it was and Eye Enucleation (eye removal) on a Shi tzu. Poor thing got hit by a car, but she will be fine.

Also, on the goal front working on ready my first book, but even better we are working on finishing some of those house projects. Thought I would include some pictures of our front entry way. Tile is complete and looks fantastic, can't wait to tile our kitchen and other bath now, but have to finish all the unfinished projects first!!

Well, looking forward to my next 5 days off, rough life I tell ya! Worked with a couple of horses today, the weather was wonderful. Macy played in the snow, built snow castles and had a blast. Rozalyn took a nap in the truck. It felt good to be back working with my horses!!

All in all a wonderful day.


Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Floor looks great, I'm sure your relieved tohave that finished, the rest of the entryway should be easy. Glad the weather let up enough that you could be outside. Hope it warms up and stays warmer.

Stephanie said...

tile looks awesome!! good color for your house. we are always available if you need help finishing any other projects...well, after we get home we will be available...LOL.