Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sick N Tired......

So I was really hoping that by taking my kids not to daycare, but to the neighbors we would skate through this cold season. NO SUCH LUCK!

The very first day I am dropping off the kids and neighbor says: "Oh by the way we are all suffering from a head cold!" Figures. So of course Macy has been sick ever since, and now I have a sore throat and pounding headache. Then as I am once again dropping them off this week: "oh by the way, the kids have been throwing up all night." GREAT!

So I expect to see projectile vomit in the near future, probably from my own mouth because I seem to be the one who gets the stomach flu. Can't wait.

Well, we made it through anyways. Slightly scratched, a little run down, but now we have 5 days. I hope that we can have some fun, get some chores done, and who knows maybe do something special. No matter what I am glad to be home with the girls and enjoy their company.

Oh shit, just remembered I have to work Saturday...oh well won't let that ruin it. Hope I don't forget again between now and then! What a shame that would be!

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Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Sorry to hear that you have to work this Saturday, bu at least the girls will be with Dad and it's only half a day. Gotta keep looking on the bright side.