Thursday, January 20, 2011


I am absolutely exhausted on Thursday's!! I can't believe how tired I am, I used to work 4 days a week in a row, have Fridays off to run around like a chicken, and I did not feel this tired. I don't think anything is wrong with me, I think I am just worn out. I do have to admit I feel like a single mother at times, so maybe that is what is wearing me out!!

We have been really slow at work lately, and I think that when you are idle it tends to make you even more tired. Not sure if that is true for everyone but it seems to be for me. I also think that on the days I work I am truly sleep deprived, so then on Thursday I am making up for it, I had to literally DRAG myself out of bed this morning at 9:30! Not like I was trying to get up at 6am or anything, 9:30 and I am forcing myself out of bed. Macy has already been up watching cartoons for an hour and a half at this point.

I don't go to bed until 10ish on Monday night, wake up at 12 - 1 feed Rozi and then get up at 5, then I do the same thing Tues and Wed, so I think by Thursday since I can I try to catch up on my sleep.

Oh well, I felt so guilty for sleeping in I did at least get right up and go crazy cleaning. I managed to accomplish a lot driven by guilt so I guess that works, right?

Well, I guess if it works it works.

I did finally try Zumba, a form of Latin Dance aerobics on Monday. It was a blast, and I worked my butt off. I had sweat pouring off of me like rain in a rain forest. Going again tonight as long as Don's plans stay out of my way.

But that is a whole other story.

One more thing, I wrote a while back about resolutions. I did not know it, but unconsciously one of my resolutions must have been to get off my A@$ and JUST DO IT!!! Because I am finally really doing just that, I guess I had to brag a little. And if all goes as planned, this coming Sunday I will actually for the first time in my life go dog sledding, not watching, actually running a team.

Talk about a LIFETIME goal achieved. I am a little superstitious courteous of my mother so I hope I didn't jinx it by saying it out loud right now, but I will let you know how it goes!!!!

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