Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Okay I know it's a little early for new years resolutions, but this blogging thing is just sad!!! I have not posted on my blog since I left St. Croix which was almost exactly 4 months ago. Sad, I know.

So, a few weeks earlier than most I am bloggifying my New Years resolutions (some of them anyways). See my mother writes on her blog almost daily, using it kind of like a journal. I go and read her blog and enjoy it especially because she is so far away, and I can't always talk to her everyday, but I can see what she is up to, and how she is feeling on a daily basis, just by reading her blog. I don't know if anyone would really care to check up on me that much (other than my mother becuase she is, my mom), but I do find it an interesting way to force yourself to daily look at your day, week, life and take count. Count of the things you've got to be grateful for, count of the things you have done, or failed to do, count of the things yet to come. Besides I don't write in a journal and seeing as this Internet thing is probably here to stay, someday if they can find my blog, my kids could read it. If they find it remotely interesting that is!!

See resolution number one is to reach some specific goals this year. When I created this blog I started the column to the right that has some goals in it. I already have to amend some of those goals, but what would goals be without amending them right. So you can check on my progress )if you care) as you read my blog. The goals, and daily blogging are mostly for me, to help keep me on track, and remind me when I have derailed, but nevertheless enjoy, and I hope I share some things you can enjoy!!

So it is almost Christmas, 11 days away to be exact, and I am finally finding the spirit of Christmas. Not that I was feeling all scroogie or anything, but just sidetracked with a new baby, and my mother visiting. I had already bought some christmas presents online, but other than that nada!! However, last night we decorated our Christmas tree, this is the first time that we (Don & I) have had our tree cut, up, and decorated before the 21st of Dec. That was our previous record, and although I was feeling like it was a little earlier to be putting the tree up, man it felt good. It really started to feel like Christmas, and now as I am blogging in its twinkling glow, I am excited to celebrate this wondorous time of year, with a new precious little one, and my parents here in our tiny little home. So I can say I am officially caught in the Christmas spirit, and feel blessed to be surrounded by the warmth of Christmas.

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Just Another Day in Paradise said...

I'll read your blog every day and NOT just because I'm your Mom, but like you said, it's a great way to keep in touch and really know what is going on the each others lives.