Tuesday, December 21, 2010

4 Maids A Milking

4 days left. Fudge is in the fridge, all but Santa's presents are wrapped. Some cookies to bake, waiting for my mom to do that with me. Tree is amazing, and beautiful. Stockings are hung, including to spare ones for my parents. I think I am ready.

Macy is not bouncing off the walls, like I would expect?? So far she has yet to be a "get you up at 5am kid", I guess we will see what this year brings.

Well, getting a head start on my new years resolutions. I sent off emails, trying to line up a mustang to train for January. Hopefully it will help out with the income too!!!! Plus I started my first book of my 100, cheating a little but I won't finish it until January so I figure it counts good enough!!!!

I hope ya'll that are reading this have started your list of resolutions, at least resolve to resolute of nothing else.

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