Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Well, my parents are on their way home.

Sad, empty feeling in my house when I got back from dropping them at the shuttle. I was looking forward to getting my house back and all, but the last month it has been so nice to have my mother's (and father's) company. I really enjoyed being able to visit with my mom, go shopping with my mom, bake with my mom, watch both my mom and dad play with Macy and lil Rozalyn. Since they left this past Spring, I really have realized how easy it is to take family and friends for granted. You always think they will be there and that tomorrow will be soon enough to go to lunch, or play a game together. We really need to seize the day, and remember what matters most in life.

I am glad that my parents are so happy in their new home, and I am thrilled they moved somewhere so exciting to visit, just wish it wasn't so far away. Macy told me in the car on the way home today, through tear filled eyes that we have to really start saving so we can fly our plane (i wonder where she is hiding that private jet) to Grandma's and Papa's as soon as possible. I promised her I would, and we will head South soon enough!

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