Monday, December 27, 2010

Reality Bites

Well, I have had a wonderful Christmas Holiday, and even better yet the last 5 weeks have been glorious.

It has been wonderful to spend all my days with both my girls, and an added bonus was having my mothers help and company. I have truly been able to enjoy this beautiful baby. Macy was fun, but so stressful, constantly worrying if she was safe, and fed enough, and healthy. Being the first I think you worry, and panic way to much. Since Macy survived just fine, no matter what I did, I have been able to just relax, and completely enjoy Rozalyn. Macy has been so fun, to actually get to enjoy her Christmas excitement to the fullest extent was amazing. Last few years between work, and life I have missed a lot, and at least this year (rozalyn's gift to me) I was able to enjoy it.

So, in all that I have realized that "REALITY BITES"! In a week I have to return to work. GRRRR! I do however have some plans in place to hopefully help balance some income, and not have to work away from the girls as much. For now I have to return to work two days a week, I was fortunate to get my neighbor to agree to watch both of the girls twice a week in her home, so at least they don't have to go to commercial daycare. That is better, but I wish I could stay with them and make money at the same time, hopefully soon enough I can work something out. In the meantime I have a week left to snuggle, and play with all of Macy's new toys, and hang out with Don some, so I plan on it.

So time to go, looks like I have to open up some toys.

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