Thursday, August 26, 2010

St Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

Well, Macy and I officially have two days left, today and Friday. It went by really slow the first week, but now this week has just flown by in the breeze. It is really an amazing place and I would say add it to your places to see before I die list. This is my second experience being on an Island, the other having been a trip to the Bahamas 11 years ago. This place is by far more tranquil, relaxing, and unique. The people are friendly, slight adjustment to all the locals, but that probably depends on where your from. It is a tropical paradise with all the flowers, and fruits, the Island is not crowded, there are no skyscraper resorts, and every single beach is open to the public! NO PRIVATE BEACHES!!

The snorkeling is amazing, I can't wait to come back and Scuba here. I couldn't this time due to being pregnant! I have seen more fish here than I did in the Bahamas. I have seen turtles, parrot fish, barracuda, crabs, urchins, blues, Conch, starfish, and sooooo much more. Loads and loads of brain corral. I really need an underwater camera, sorry about that :)!

The beaches have been empty (it is the off season right now), but I bet they are never really crowded. Lobster is in season and we had some amazing fresh lobster!! Fresh pineapple, starfruit, sugarcane, and these amazingly good little things called sugar apples. Sea shells abound, don't tell customs but we are bringing a few home!

My parents seem truly happy here, and at home. They have a wonderful condo with amazing ocean views, and they are only a few hundred feet from the ocean themselves. They have an awesome pool that we have been to everyday, sometimes 2 or 3 times. Macy has officially become a fish here. She has learned how to swim all alone with no life jacket or help. She loves to go under the water, she snorkels with a noodle or her life vest, and she has even become an official cannon baller!

I could stay, and live here. I know I would have no fight from Macy. Poor Don, although he really seemed to like his visit here, and was in the water more than I have ever seen him in 8 years. He didn't like the heat, and I think a small miracle would be required to get him to ever leave Idaho. I really hope that someday, I too can live by the ocean somewhere, if not here, somewhere close to this paradise. Which in my opinion, paradise includes the Ocean and all it's glory.

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