Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ahhhh a day off!

Morbid moment at work yesterday, made me really wonder why I like my job. Sometimes we have to do things that are necessary, but so awful.

I don't know if it is the stress of things, due to the remodel and such, but work has really been a drag. I literally have to drag myself out of bed the days I work. I really used to love my job, I felt important, and I wanted to be there. Now I feel like a slave, who is overworked and under appreciated. Nobody seems to care if I go the extra distance. I am constantly finding, and fixing complete screw ups. Yet, my bosses are doing nothing to improve the situation even though they are well aware of it.

I love animals, and on occasion I get to do my job description "Veterinary Technician". Those moments I love it, don't care that I am under appreciated, and feel like I am really using my talents and abilities. However, most the time I am answering phones, cleaning the toilet, apologizing for our short comings, and doing laundry. I would do these things everyday without blinking....if I could do more of the actual things that fall under my job description. I would not complain if I felt like my efforts, my above and beyond attitude was noticed and appreciated. I try to tell myself that, yes I am appreciated, yes they did notice that I went above and beyond. Yet, the truth shines in their actions and words.

For example, I personally, on my own, worked with a client to sell them a Powder River Squeeze Chute. I called the distributor several times, bent over backwards, argued and dickered with our distributor of this equipment, called the client, called the distributor, back and forth. Finally yesterday the client came in and decided that yes, they are going to buy the item. They are spending $9000.00, of which the clinic receives 20% of the retail value. Will I get a bonus will I get 1%. NOPE! Nada, of course if I worked at Walmart, or John Deere I wouldn't expect it because my title is Retailer, however that is not my title yet I do it anyway.

My true job title should be something like: Animal Care Specialist, with Mechanic abilities (including lawn mowing and tractor operator), Painter, Maid, Receptionist, Retailer, Counselor, and Punching Bag.

I try to tell myself that this is what it is to work for someone else, but I am beginning to really think there is better options. At least somewhere I might be equally compensated for that above mentioned job title.

Anyways, had to vent somewhere.

The beauty of it, I have the next two days off.

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Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Sorry to hear it's been like this. Sorry I have been out of touch to talk to. Hoping you can feel better about what you do at work. You do make a difference, even if the "bosses" don't appreciate it.