Thursday, May 29, 2014

Losing My Best Friend

I have many friends. Many good friends, and several bestfriends. I know one of life's greatest cliches is that you are to only have one "best friend". I could never pick just one person to be my "best" and those of you reading this I hope understand that I love you with all my heart and would even give my life for you if neccessary because that is the kind of person and friend I am. But my BEST FRIEND is not human. Never would have been. You see I like animals way more than I like people. I have always had an inner pull to the animal kingdom, and as my life proves I have lived among the beasts.

Since I was a child I longed for one of my very own "Man's Best Friends" I have had, and will have several k-9 companions in my life. Several of them have been dear to my heart and made quick impressions that last a lifetime. However, only one has been my best friend, my soul mate. He came to me 11 years 6 months ago and has been by my side ever since.

"Gunner D. Bear Thorp" born December 10 2002 he was the pick of the litter, the fattest little chunk. When he looked up at me I knew it immediatly he was perfect, my soul mate. Since then he has been by my side everyday. He has gone to work with me a thousand times, he has climbed moutains with me, swam in the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Ocean with me, and then every little creek, pond, river, and lake in between. We have traveled far and wide, and seen many great things. He learned to ride the 4wheeler, he was the best duck dog a gal could have, and he has raised my children with pride.

He is dying. In my profession I know the inevitable, there is a limit to what can be done, and I have seen unreasonable suffereing. I made a vow to never cross that line, and as we speak I am toeing over it. Gunner's life has left his eyes, he is clinging by threads simply for the beneift of me. He knows what I feel, and that I simply don't want to let go. I won't know how to wake to a bare floor by my bed. I can not bear to see him suffer any longer, and I have made the call. Tomorrow we say goodbye.

Goodbye to a lifetime of memeories and adventures that no one could have asked for better. I have lived in the shadow of animal kingdom royalty. One who looks at me as his Queen. I have had an amazing companion on many walks, rides, and swims. He has taught me how to love unconditionaly and the patience to enjoy the peace of a decent deck, the calm of a gurgling brook, and the excitment of geese in the air.

Perhaps when the time has come, when my babies are grown and their babies too. When my hair is all grey, and my legs are weak. He will come to take me home. I hope it is not to much to ask to be greeted on the other side by all that I have loved and lost....and one big brown dog, with a duck in his mouth.

Good bye my friend and I love you with all my heart, until we meet again.


Amy Vargas said...

I truly believe that they are always with us, and that they will be the first ones we see in the next life. My heart aches for you, Rachel. Much love to you, friend.

TimeTraveler said...

Well done. We will all miss him. Remind me to have you write my obit when that time comes.

farawayeyes said...

For that brief moment we see perfection.