Sunday, November 16, 2014

Its Snowing

I haven't blogged in almost 6 months. Good thing I only have 6 followers. Surely the six of you can find more entertaining things to do. I just read my last blog post, and as I dry my eyes realize why I haven't been back here in 6 months.

We moved...yes again. Three times in the last year to be exact. Two days after my last blog post we moved into a tiny fixer upper in Ririe, ID. One step closer, four miles closer, and hopefully one last move to one of my biggest personal goals ever. The new digs are working was as I stated a fixer upper and with our landlords permission, persuasion, and financial aid we have seriously gutted and renovated this place into a cute country bungalow that will be for sale when we leave.

It is a tiny, but comfortable house, 925 sq. ft. to be exact. With the fact that we replaced all carpet, laid laminate flooring, retextured the walls, built a door for the bathroom, remodeled the closets, painted the entire interior, and put a new metal roof on the house. It has a large amount of charm, style, and it is liveable. I finally have an office space, hence the fact that I can actully sit and type this now. I set my desk up facing a window into our adorable backyard (one area that we actually didn't have to do anything). And as I sat here wondering what to write I caught myself staring out the window watching as perfect little snowflakes drift slowly to the ground.

As I looked out the window, I felt pure bliss. I love snow. It conjures up many warm and fuzzy childhood memories. Where I grew up we always had an abundance of snow. It is so clean, pure, and it fills the world with a sense of beauty, even magic. Of course I will be cussing and cursing this same wonderful snow in February when I am sick of shoveling, bundeling, defrosting, and freezing. But right now it is beautiful, peaceful, and magical.

As is life. We have had avalanches of snowy beauty in our lives in the last six months. Nothing that is extreme, or worth shouting from the roof tops, but quite wonderful and perfect in our own little world of Thorp.  Every day, week, and month we trudge closer and closer to our goal of building our dream house. Of living on the very land that we have cried, sweat, and bled for in the last twelve years. It is finaly 100% paid for and ours. It looks like we will be on track to start building in 2015. We have our house plans, and we are starting to get all the numbers put together. We couldn't be more excited for this next chapter.

I am scared to death, is actually more honest. I cannot believe that we are finally at the edge of this mountain and it is not just downhill, but we actually have to take that leap of faith and hope we land on solid ground. We have been home owners before, but the fact that I might actually get the cabin I have dreamed of since I was a little girl. The fact that Don will have his lodge to retreat into everynight. That we can build this with our own four hands, and that we can give our girls a sanctuary with all they ever wanted. It is like a fairytale. A fairytale that we get to write and pick the ending to every night.

I am so excited, can hardly wait.

So keep on snowing, keep that snowball rolling and we will jump. Can't wait to build that dream.

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