Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Precious Moments

First off I would like to report...I did it!!!! I lost 2 lbs on vacation!!! Faith and confidence revived in myself.

Now to more important things in life then my trivial troubles.

Precious moments in life. Last night we went to an adorable and fun Christmas program at St. Mary's Catholic school. They did a Nativity program, costumes and all. Then each class performed to a classic Christmas song. The 1st grade was of course the best performers of the night, singing Ring Those Bells, complete with Santa hats and jingle bells. Really a fun night.

After the performance Macy and I headed to my car, while Don and Rozi went to the jeep. Separate vehicles due to me working late. While walking to the car Macy and I passed two men arguing heavily. I picked up the pace, turned the corner and reached the car. Upon reaching the car and inserting my key, I found that the car would not unlock. It simply refused to budge, I tried several times with no avail. The arguing men moved into view and I felt some concern, quickly called Don on the phone for help. Luckily he had to simply circle the block and he was there. We quickly found that his key would not work either. The argument had moved down the street out of view, concern was still in the air. Unfortunately St Mary's is in a part of town that is highly recommended to avoid at night.

I had to go to the bathroom, so we decided I would return to the school use the bathroom and ask for assistance. We didn't even know who to call for help here. I left the girls with Don and walked down the street and around the corner. As I turned the corner the argument came  into view once more. Things had gotten physical. I hurried to that side gate into the school complex, as I approached I realized several children, mostly boys had come out the gate. Curious to what was going on. No other adults were in sight, and as I approached the gate I realized this fight was more than that. It was a struggle for life, I screamed at the children to get inside. To my relief I scared them and they went running. Unfortunately for me I was not able to escape the sights and sounds before me. As I entered the school grounds I heard and saw a life fade before me.

We got help, a wrecker on the way for us. Police and ambulances arrived. As we sat and waited in the rain, a lifeless form was loaded into an ambulance. As we sat there, the rain pouring down I really realized how frail life is. We see death a thousand times in the movies. We hear the tragedies on the news. Perhaps some of us have even been their in the frail moments as a loved one slips away. I had never seen anything like this, never hope to again. I true struggle for survival. A brutal moment when a man decides to take a life. I was probably fifteen feet from the actual fight, but I saw and heard more than I will ever forget. Late last night I reflected on what could I have done different. I know in this instance, nothing. But perhaps each day I can do little things that will add up to make a difference.

People are very angry today. Here on this island, but more than that. Everywhere people are angry. I see it on the news, on social media. This anger will not change anything for the better. It will not make things right, or let them heal. I know that a lot of people have seen and felt a lot of heartache the last few years. Loosing all that you have is very painful, I can only imagine.

It is Christmas time, a time of Joy, of Love, or Peace. I only pray that we can let go of our anger, our hate. Turn to our neighbors, our families. Let Love shine through our hearts. Reach out to those in need, give what we can. Help where we are able. Even the smallest smile can change someones day.

Embrace the precious moments. Hold on to the ones you love a little tighter. Life is frail, life is a gift, and you never now if tomorrow will ever come.

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Nice post. Important thoughts. Thank you.