Friday, December 21, 2012

Caribbean "Cruzan" Christmas

Click on this as you read, this is Cruzan Festival (Christmas) Music

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays,Happy Festival, Have a Blessed Season, and a Wondrous Christmas!

These are the greetings I have been met, and left with. If nothing else about this island they know how to throw a party. Everyone is bright and cheery, they exude Christmas spirit. Sharing in the joy of the season. Christmas also known as The Cruzan Christmas Festival, is a really big deal here. They start December 1st and go all the way to Three Kings Day (January 6th), ending with a big street festival and parade.

We missed the big kick off while in Disneyland...the Caribbean's largest boat parade. Apparently this was the best one ever (figures). Everyone decorates their sailboats with lights, and then they do an actual parade through the harbor, which you can watch from the boardwalk. They finish the parade off with fireworks. We caught a small glimpse of these as we drove home from the airport.

Christmas shopping getting you worries as you walk in the stores here on Island they greet you at the door with free samples. To ease your shopping stress, have one, two, or three shots of liqueur right there in the store. Valid ID is all that is required. You can get lit and then shop till you drop!

They ship Coney Island style rides, by boat to the island. They set the rides up in 2 different locations, complete with fairway games. They call this "The Vilage" (not spelled wrong in their opinion). All the prizes are Christmas themed. Local cruzan vendors sell their trinkets, and local cuisine. Cruzan stuffing is divine, so are the shrimp kabobs. We have several parades to attend. The first one is tomorrow night, each concluding at live concerts featuring many of the local artists, which share the same Festival music I shared with you above. The more exotic Carnival Style parades are yet to come after the first of the year, and I will be sure to share pictures. Course the ones from the "adult parade" may be a little.....bare!

We met Santa at the harbor, he arrived on a fire truck, complete with elves and his....donkey?? He was black as night, but to my delight the girls didn't even notice. One of the greatest blessings about living here that I hope they carry forever, is my children do not see a difference in color, they simply see beautiful people!!!! Santa handed out candy and toys, with the steel pan band playing in the background.

We are not short on activities or fun. The weather is warm, not even dipping below 79*, shorts and tank tops is all that we need. It is not the Christmas we know, but it will be one to remember!

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farawayeyes said...

Santa loves you no matter where you are. So glad you 'Live Your Lufe'