Thursday, January 16, 2014


Funny how things you don't want, become things you do want. Things you thought you never could acomplish, become things that are easy or even mundane.

Constantly in a state of motion. Life, it is ever changing. My children, despite my constant requests continue to age, grow taller, and morph into girls, and all to soon little women.

Perspective, if you give it time will always change. That grass you see will change with the seasons, it will be green and lush as a May blanket, and dead as dust in late November. You just simply have to give it time, and patience.

Oh how I hate the word. Patience. I have very little, and I suspect it will be one of my constant battles in life. I believe, as I am aging, I am getting better that the little things in life agrivate me less, and I see the need in my childrens eyes to be patient with them and let them discover at their pace. However, I still find myself constantly rushing, and pushing them to move faster, stop dawdling, hurry up and get it over with.

I need to dawdle more, watch the clouds more. It would probably increase my patience. If nothing else, as I sit and wait for the next thing in life, perhaps I would enjoy the moments a little more if I sat and watched the clouds, or my little angels playing.

So, I guess as I sit and wait. Wait for answers, holding my breath, crossing my fingers, praying to God. I guess I will go and watch my children grow, the clouds roll by, and the grass brown as it is now, it will soon begin to turn again into that lush green blanket of possibilities.

P.S. to all my friends and family who may or may not read this with the tag from Facebook, you who get all a twitter with a simple but in your minds cryptic post placed there...I love you all dearly and when the time is right you will understand what i mean. However, I love that you think our lives our so fantastical that we might be moving to Egypt, or expecting a baby, or perhaps joining the peace corps. Although some of those ideas are tempting, you all really need to think smaller, and pull us down of that pedstal. We are really just as simple and boring as you (even though all of us hold greatness in our hearts).


TimeTraveler said...

Well written, girl. Patience is improving you with age. It happens. What, me worry? Not today. Worry time come soon enough, mon.

farawayeyes said...

Did you really say 'fantastical'?

Good things come to those who wait.

Sorry about the patience thing, I'm sure that's an inherited trait, or at least a learned behavior. Although it gets better with age, it never seems to really develop into a saintly trait, or maybe I'm not old enough yet.