Friday, November 8, 2013

Pure Joy

I was working on my photo wall collage today, so obviously I was going through pictures on my computer to print and hang in frames. My computer is full of photos from the crystal clear waters of St. Croix, USVI. As most of you know we just returned from living there 6 months ago. I lived there for one year and and thirty six days.

That's it.

I claim a year and half, it's easier. Some days it feels like we were there forever, and days like today it feels like I wasn't there long enough. As a whole I loved it there and really enjoyed my time there. Best part for me was that I could load up and be at the beach in 15 minutes, and let me tell you some of those beaches are the best places on earth. I ache for Isaac's Bay today, literally I could use the surf hitting my feet, the sun on my face and my children running down the beach. God, I miss that.

The Caribbean isn't all beaches and sun tans, that's for sure. However, we have the gift to only remember the good. I don't reminisce about the roaches, centipedes, ticks, exhausting heat...all I remember is the beauty and priceless moments.

In time I grew incredibly anxious to return home, I missed my mountains, my snow, and my horses. Don couldn't remember what it felt like to hold his gun, and he was hating his job more and more. Upon our arrival "home" so much happened so fast, that I simply didn't have time to feel much of anything. Our summer was filled with running here, moving there. Seeing old friends, making new.

As Fall approached (my favorite time of year) I was so excited and breathlessly happy to be home in the high dessert I've come to love. We busied ourselves with hunting and camping adventures, and I was surrounded by the beautiful blanket of Fall.

Now today as our adventures have timed out for awhile, Don is away working and I am left to tend the girls and our house. I find myself realizing that in the islands, even with all its un-charming amenities, held an idealistic perfection.

The pace was always one, the people were so unique and unabashed, the lifestyle was richer and everyday held a new adventure. Ah, life on a rock.

I am a horse trainer, it is my gift from GOD it is what I do. I love the Fall and Christmas must always have snow. However, if I win the lottery (which I really need to start buying tickets) I think I will divide my heart between the two permanently, then I will have found pure joy.


farawayeyes said...

Ha, ha, ha! Having one of those days myself, when I long to sit in my reclining beach chair at Cane Bay, while I anticipate a great lunch at 'Eat'.

TimeTraveler said...

Amen, Sisters

luckymama13 said...

Again some day!

Arlee Bird said...

Ah yes, the best of both worlds scenario. I don't know if I could confine myself to just two. I'm going to have to win a really big jackpot.

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