Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Forsake All That Does not Fully Embody the Realm of Fall

I have failed to blog the last few weeks due to an illness I have called, "forsake all that does not fully embody the realm of Fall" or FATDNFERF for short. I am pretty sure I mentioned that I love fall, if you missed that post you should go now, read it, it may make this a little more clear.

It is the afternoon before Halloween. One of my favorite times of year, not for the candy, costumes, and tricks. For the simple fact that it is the beginning of the end. I LOVE the fact that we end each year in a cascading celebration of all that has passed. We start it with Halloween a fun party where we race about in silly costume and parade about the night until dawn. Then we wait a few weeks and feast on the most glorious feast of all and fill our bellies and hearts to total contentment. Next we celebrate the gift of our Great God above, his gift of everlasting life, as he sent his son to be among man. The true wonder of it all is too great to fully understand, but the simple idea that a Great Man was born in a barn, and worshiped by so few, attended by nature herself should say enough. Then as if that is not all, we have on last amazing night where we drink and are merry with tears among our joy as we remember the year past in all its glory and demise, and we look to the horizon as to what the future may bring.

Tomorrow is where it begins. I think that my anticipation for such grand awe and wonder is what boosts my love for Fall. I know what is coming, and I look forward to it each year. All my holiday memories are not bright and wonderful, but the fact that they still shine in my mind as my fondest memories stands for much.

However, before we get on to that great celebration that awaits us, I want to share with you exactly what I love about Fall.

I just finished a book, that I highly recommend everyone reads, it is a true story that will inspire anyone to be a better person. For me it had a deeper resounding pull in that it has to do with mans infinite connection with animals. I have always had a strong connection with animals, and they have taught me more in my life than any school or book. This book shared a lot of insight to me, one of the quotes has struck me quite strongly; "But just as there are many rivers that lead to the same ocean, so are there many paths that lead to God."  Modoc, The True Story of the Greatest Elephant That Ever Lived.

In the fall I try to spend as much time as I possibly can outdoors. Nature enriches my life, and her wonder and beauty capture my heart. To see the sun rise over the mountains and fill the valley with warmth and color is awe inspiring. To watch the changes of the season spread through the trees, fields, and mountains is more than words can say.

We are hunters, an intimate connection to the earth and all that it provides for us fills my heart and soul. I am grateful for the opportunity to fill my families table with food, and I am grateful for the animals that provide it. The opportunity to see a wild animal react in its natural habitat is so mesmerizing, to watch in a blink of an eye their reaction to the world around them. Their instincts are raw and unaltered. They do what their ancestors have done for eons of years. To see the beauty of these creatures is surreal. I am grateful for their gift to me, that I can feel an even stronger connection to our Mother Earth. As I stalk, work hard for what I harvest I truly feel that I have earned the gift of such a magnificent animal.

Often we ride high into the mountains in the fall on horseback. That time spent on the back of a horse is treasured more than most things in my life. To be on an animal and feel their every response, their breath as it comes in and out. Horses are ever alert, and will put your needs before their own as long as a bond has been created. Any horse carries this in their heart, it is our responsibility to find it and bring that bond into our own heart. They rely upon us to have faith in them as much as we rely on them to have faith in us. This is not just a tool or mode of transportation it is a higher spiritual connection and a bond that few will ever know. If you have felt it, you understand.

In the Fall the Earth is in full swing, all things come alive preparing for what lies ahead. Every living thing feels the need to prepare for survival. Hunters and gathers storing for the long months ahead. Trees go dormant to survive the winter. Many mammals are in full swing in their breeding season, their need to complete the circle or life. Without the Fall we would never have the Spring, rebirth and a new fresh start. If nothing was prepared all would perish and then the cycle would end. It is a beautiful ending, to a new beginning.

As the snow begins to fall and blanket the earth, the animals will sleep and brave the harsh winters, just to begin anew. We too should look towards the beginning, enjoy the coming celebrations of the end of a wonderful year, and strive for perfection in the next.

And if in your travels an animal is beside you, you days will be lighter and your heart more full.


farawayeyes said...

Wonderful post. As you know I too, love fall. My absolute favorite time of year. I agree with you that it really isn't an ending, but rather a new beginning. It's all about perspective.

Arlee Bird said...

You've reminded me that I started reading Modoc years ago and never finished it. It was a wonderful book. I need to dig that up again and finish it.

Tossing It Out

luckymama13 said...

Arlee you must finsih it. The best part is the ending!!!