Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Born Again

No I didn't change religious beliefs, or join a new cult. I didn't change my moral compass or find a new demi god.

Although I believe all of this is quite possibly related to divine intervention, fate, and most likely Destiny.
I started a long journey a ways back, most of you have been with me on that road. Reading my blog, seen the pictures, some of you even traveled and met me halfway, or walked by my side. For those of you who are new to this story, go back a few chapters it will make a little more sense. 

I thought I was done when we arrived back in Idaho. I thought I had come full circle. My trip isn’t over yet. My parents, who also lived on "de rock" with us, moved shortly after we did. Simply because of me...they might argue that, but I know the truth. We were leaving, and they didn't want to be so far apart again. It isn't the first time they have ripped up their roots and moved for me...I hope it's the last. I love them, and their undying devotion, but I want them to be happy and full fill their own adventure, not have it cut short because of me. 

My parents relocated to Incline Village, a small town that has population swells based on the seasons. It reminds me of my childhood, the buildings look like old town Frisco, and Breckenridge...nothing like it looks today. This village is on the shores of the most magnificent lake, Lake Tahoe. It really is breathtaking and I hope they stay there a long time. 

They asked if I wanted to and come visit, on one condition, bring a truck and trailer load of their belongings from their storage unit in Idaho. They were happy to see us, but I think for once their belongings even trumped the girls. They had been living for five weeks with very little. Basically thrift store belongings, and the clothes they carried off the island. 

It was a great trip. Beautiful scenery, and beautiful company. Sadly the time went too fast, and we loaded ourselves up and traveled back across the Nevada dessert. If you have ever traveled that path you know how long, lonely, and desolate it is. As we coasted down I-80 the girls sound asleep exhausted from their fun at Grandma's, I popped in my new Kenny Chesney CD Life on this Rock. I fell in love as I listened to the soundtrack of the past 14 months that I had just spent living on a rock very much like his own. I am guessing that there are some Kenny fans out there simply up in arms as he breaks out in lyric “jammin' with the Wailers”....but let me tell you.  You can't but help embrace the lifestyle that surrounds you. One that sings of lifting up, joining together, and saving the world with love and peace. It really is an appealing idea. 

As I listened to Kenny, I started driftin' I thought a lot about my time on the "de island", I really began to miss it. I did a lot of complaining, and God knows I was homesick really missing my steeds, he heard me every night. But, I loved the lifesytle. I loved the fact that I could take my children to the beach bar and we could chill all night long. I miss the people...all of them. 

I changed CD's halfway across the dessert to my all time favorite artist. Chris Ledoux. As "Life is a Highway" rolled on I remembered why we even went to the islands in the first place.  I wanted to ride the wind, see the world. We can't see anything if we sit on our own porch. We can't meet new people if we stand at the back of the dance floor. 

On our way home we had one stop to make. Friends of ours that we met years ago in the horse business lived just outside of Elko, NV. They really wanted me and the girls to drop in and say hello. I didn't want to. Nothing personal, just when we were leaving for the islands we had to sell the majority of our herd of horses. These friends bought three of the horses that I held most dear to my heart. Two of them were horses that we had raised out of our beloved stallions, and one of our most prized and favorite mares. The other one was a dear friend who we really didn't want to sell, but it was the best thing for him to go somewhere and be loved and used. 

I suspected the fate of my dear friend, and didn't want to deal with it. However, we stopped. The babies we had raised had grown into beautiful horses, and they were well taken care of. A small mound of dirt and rocks was all that remained of our beloved King. I didn't say much, I didn't want our friends to feel like they had failed me. They hadn't, they took care of him, and made his last moments precious. I knew we had made the best decision in letting him go, as did they in the final moments. 

As I climbed back into the truck and headed North, I began to reflect on the past 10 years. I realized I had come a long way in life, that my family had taken paths I never dreamed of. That because of those decisions we are not the people we once were, and I am absolutely ok with that. I am grateful for our changes, and I can see that we have become a strong unit. That we, as a family and as individuals, are ready for whatever is waiting around the bend. I saw that the life we leave behind us opens doors for things to come.  I am ready, I am excited, and I know it is not going to be what we expected.

It’s a great feeling.


farawayeyes said...

I admit that you were 45% of the decision to leave the islands, but it WAS time to move on. Funny how I always seem to know that. If you have learned anything from me and remember it into eternity, I hope it would be that LIFE IS AN ADVENTURE and you need to know when to fold and move onto the next one.

I love you and your family very much. I'm glad you made that stop along the way.

Janece Moore said...

You Rachel are an Amazing Woman! Every time I see a "Makin it Count" post, I stop everything and check it out! I Love Love Love this, and am so proud of you for believing in yourself and along the journey solidifying your family. Keep it up my friend, (as I wipe away my tears again;)!

barbara said...

You amaze me with every story :) You a have a way to make things feel right even when people are not sure... Taking a leap for change is very hard but in reading your blogs I am getting stronger ..Thanks for sharing .