Friday, June 14, 2013

Number Streets

"All the sounds, all the right places....all the right moves, all the right faces."
                                                                                                   All The Right Moves - One Republic

In 1992 I rolled into the state of Idaho. I was impressed at first, as we came out of Hoback Junction, this looked a lot like where I was coming from. I could like this place. Then we made a sweeping curve onto Highway 20, and headed Northeast. As I watched out my window, disappointment settled in. I did not like this flat land, it was grey and dead. The few trees I saw where bare of their leaves, and the sky was a foreboding grey October bleakness. I did not like Idaho, not at all.

We moved to Chester, Idaho from Breckenridge, Colorado. This was not my first move, as a matter of fact it was close to my 10th. I was not a rookie, and had always embraced moving. I did not like this flat, mountain-less dessert. My parents were quick to point out we had a view of the Tetons.....that seemed to be a million miles away.  I never complained about it, I really didn't say much at all. We moved into an amazing house. I had my horse, my parents went to great efforts for me to be able to continue to learn to ride, I could ride out our driveway into the foothills and disappear. It was turning into a cool was the first place I ever skinny dipped with someone besides myself.

We moved a lot in Idaho. I went to four different schools in Idaho, the final change my personal choice. My entire youth I would tell people I was "from" Colorado. I learned to like, not love, Idaho. There are some amazing things, like jumping off a bridge into the snake river, swimming in the Buffalo river, climbing mount Jefferson, summers in Island Park, Jefferson County Stampede, wind surfing in Blacktail, Hiese Hot Springs....ok I admit it was growing on me. But I was from Colorado, still vowed to go back. I was the typical college kid gonna blow this pop stand. Couldn't wait to leave, the first chance I got a one way ticket to California....I took it. Never made it, ended up in Western Idaho....didn't like it came back to Eastern.

A few years later met a boy, raised in Idaho. He owned Idaho land, I didn't like that...but he was charming and special. There really was something about him that kept drawing me in. We dated (rode horses in the mountains of Idaho), I don't think he ever took me on a real date....except for that time at the truck stop. I don't think a truck stop and chicken fried really counts. Nine weeks into this whirlwind, he was not what I imagined, it was never how I wanted it. It was perfect, and I said Yes.

Married and living in Ririe, Idaho on owned land. We lost land and bought land. We raised horses and cattle, and a goat. Then we had a baby, and then another. We lost a business, and we struggled through life. Things were getting difficult, and I started to blame the fact that I never got out of Idaho, I never saw the world I had planned on seeing. I never got back to Colorado.

An opportunity knocked and I jumped after it, he came along with me because he loves me. He saw we needed something different, a change of latitude really does change the attitude. It saves the soul, heals wounds.

A week ago to this moment we crossed into Idaho.....GOD it was beautiful. Island Park is gorgeous in the spring, and I had so many fond memories in that valley with my father, and many friends. We came down the hill passed thru childhood memories. As I watched out the window, the Tetons came into view and my eyes welled with tears. I can't tell you how beautiful they have to stand in their presence to really understand.

We were more ways than one. Often in my youth I had to come through the number streets in Idaho Falls to get to my second home, the aquatic center now just feet from my door. I loved these streets, I would drive down them before the world awakes, and they were beautiful in their silence. I always thought if I had to live in Idaho Falls, I would live on one of those streets. Full of history, life, color, and beauty.

We are home, I am from Idaho.

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