Thursday, September 20, 2012

Six Months

Technically I am six days early...but today I have the time to write.

WOW! What an adventure....wouldn't trade it for the world. Living life makes you stronger, leading life makes you wonder, watching life makes you laugh, and holding life makes you love.

We all miss home. Macy asks for her friends. Don is missing his big bucks. I miss my horses, and am already pining for snow. But, right now, in this moment the things we are seeing, the lessons we are learning, I would not change it.

Besides....we are young! Take your life, grab it and live it to the fullest!

It has been pouring rain lately, lots of rain. Like the rest of the world we need it. See we don't have wells for water...there is not much of an aquifer on an island. We use cisterns filled from the rain collected from our roofs. We bath in this water, laundry, and drink it. (the later local Cruzans think we're crazy for, but just the same as good old mountain well water.) The house we live in has two cisterns both holding 15,000 gallons of water, and even ours were getting low. If you run out you can buy water....if your rich and famous.

We have wildlife Whitetail Deer were brought here from Florida in the 1700's as a food source. They still roam the island and are protected....Don has other plans. Iguanas are seen every where and have a razor sharp tail. They vary in size I have seen one that head to tail was 4'. Hermit crabs, and land crabs everywhere (Macy's favorite (besides the sea turtles)). Mongoose were brought to kill the rats that came on ships. Unfortunately the rats kill the mongoose, so yes we have rats BIG ONES. Birds of different species, no parrots. Mostly Egrets, Pelicans, and lots of Doves.

 We have Frigate birds, they are enormous and look like pterodactyls!!

For the most part the people are kind, loving, and demand your respect. Everyone greets everyone either Good-morning, Good-afternoon, or Goodnight. Always and anyone. If you don't you get the never want to get the Cruzan me!! Course depending on the person its Gah-marnin', just ask Rozi she has it down perfect. She will speak Cruzan I'm afraid.

Crime is high, rule of thumb we don't stay out past 10pm. There are places you stay away from, and don't go looking for trouble because its big and deadly down here. Most of it is Drug/gang related but they love their weapons, and don't think twice about killing. Sad for many of the locals, seems everyone of them has at least buried one loved one.

Another side of the crime is the poverty (third world country), they will vandalize the cell towers to sell the copper. At Don's job just yesterday, the electricians had bundled a bunch of wire and were putting it away. They took one load across the job, by the time they had returned the rest was gone. The government is very corrupt (again stay out of trouble, keys to cells are sold and people rot in jail). Crimes aren't solved just bought and sold. It seems Crime has a large payroll down here.

I know, it doesn't just happen in movies!!!

BUT......we have paradise lost...

And then FOUND!

So that's a little about this rock....Don't worry were safe, and don't worry were not lost!! Time flies by, we will see you when we see you ;)!


barbara said...

I really enjoy reading your blogs,
Thanks so much for including us in you adventures..

farawayeyes said...

Ah paradise, just attribute it to 'islands'. No worries mom!