Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Ask, and you shall recieve..."

I know many of you did not see my last post. It was not one I broadcast-ed, (of course you are now looking for it, I will wait........)

It was a post mostly for me, I needed to plead out loud for some help. I am not good at asking for help, but in a way for me that post was a prayer out loud, as the dream was a silent plea for some peace.

Peace I was given. It started last Friday the weekend of Memorial Day. My mother, the girls, and I went to the beach, Cane Bay my favorite beach. I love this beach because almost always you will see a horse at the beach, in the water or riding by.

No horses today. While I was building a sandcastle with the girls on the shore my mother was bobbing in the water, doing what she does best. Making new friends. I could hear their voices carrying across the water, but could not make out their conversation. After a while I entered the water to cool off, and my mother hollered for me to come over. She introduced me to a women named Fran. (Side note here since we arrived at the beach call it what you want serendipity, fate, miriacle, this woman had a magnetic pull to both of my girls. They would not leave her and her beau alone. I was constantly retrieving them and apologizing for their intrusion on her day. She smiled each time and said it was no big deal, little did we know we needed to meet.)

Fran is a local, has lived here a year and was talking about horses to my mother. The local Cane Bay cowboy that we often see at the beach with his horses, has several horses according to Fran that he is more than happy to share. She tells me where to find him and that it is best to be there at 8am on Saturdays when he gives lessons for free to the local kids. She says if he has a spare he is usually more than willing to let you ride along with them. We visit for a bit, but really have nothing more to say to each is truly like she was meant to tell me that, and that was it. She says goodbye and literally rolls up and leaves....plenty of day left to be at the beach. Makes you wonder, if she wonders why she came to the beach today at all. Not me, I know why she was there.

I was thrilled by the news, content to just groom or pet the horses and maybe get a ride. So Saturday I was up bright and early. Don laid in bed watching me get ready, a slightly jealous smile on his face. I kissed him quick with a promise to get him some horse time too, and was out the door. I was early arriving just as a father was dropping his daughter and her friend. Made some small talk and found I was at the right place. The father was leaving the island in two days (Hovensa Shut Down) forever, and he was so sad to leave "such a great place" it reminded me to "Make It Count".

Anyways...back to the story. Shortly there after Cowboy Stephen arrived.

A fifty-something cross between Robert Redford and Crocadile Dundee, with Gerard Butler's adorable Irish accent. Stephen is from Ireland, but has been "on island" as they say for 20 years. He worked in the states on different horse ranches and was a roman catholic priest. Talk about a mix.

We (the kids and I) are walking up a dirt road, with Stephen following behind in his pickup. As we reach the horses the kids drift off to say hello to there furry friends and Stephens steps out of the pickup to meet me. I introduce myself, and told him Fran sent me as she directed. He is thrilled to have me, and asks am I a kid?

I looked at him puzzeled, and he says how old are you. I smile and tell him, he laughs a huge Irish laugh and says I guessed you for 19. He is my most favorite person ;)! He asks me my experience I tell him, and as I do a smile creeps arcoss his face. When I am done he points to a slender brown horse and says then that colt is for you.

"Bo" is his name. Stephen just got him and he has a raft of bad habits. He is not a colt in my opinion he is between 7-10yrs but has been in Pony Club for years and has all the bad habits to prove it. He is my project, and Stephen puts it that I can ride him 7 days a week if not more!!

Needless to say, I have once again met an incredible horse person to add to my amazing list. He has given me a horse to ride and welcomes my help as much as I can give. I helped him with the kids Saturday which was just like old times for me and it was a blast. I plan to be there every Saturday. The day ended with Stepehen thanking me over and over and over. I could not get it through him that I was the one Eternally grateful. He made me promise to be back (like that was necessary). We made a date for Monday so I could bring the girls and Don, as promised.

It was more than I asked for, once again I am so blessed in this amazing adventure. We rode Monday too, all of us. Stephen even took the girls so Don and I could really go for a ride on the beach. BUCKET LIST once again!

I can't believe my life. Happy to share the journey with you all, just promise me that you to will try to "MAKE IT COUNT"!