Saturday, April 21, 2012

I Love This Bar

Last night was an enchanting island experience.

We went to the Brew Pub, right on the Christiansted boardwalk, which is right at the edge of the Christiansted Harbor, beautiful. The Brew Pub is one of my favorite places to eat/hang. Every time I have come here we have gone and had a great time. Now that I moved here it only took me almost a month to get there!

It was a perfect night. Great band on a floating stage, awesome. Bush Tribe, a mostly Latin/Samba type music heavily influenced by our neighboring island Puerto Rico. They were awesome. The vocalist, a female, was beyond words. She should be recording in some studio in Hollywood but instead she prefers singing on a floating barge in the Virgin Islands....who can blame her.

The food was great, the locals were charming. Macy made two beaus one 60 and one 5. And she danced. Macy loves nothing more than to dance in front of a crowd, and she loves these live bands. Rozi was mesmerized by the "Bar Cat". She definitely has my infinite love for all animals. He was also charming, friendly enough to eat your scraps and let you pet him, especially behind his ears. We have a massive feral cat population here, most of them very wild. Usually very beautiful as well, exotic looking not your typical barn cat.

I tried to take a video of Macy dancing but it was dark and she is hard to make out most the time, the girl has some natural "Salsa" in her. She will drive the boys crazy! The best part about the video was that I could share some of the music with you. ENJOY!


barbara said...

Great video !!!Thanks for sharing...It is awesome to be a part of your great adventure...:)
Wishing I was you ...

farawayeyes said...

Looks and sounds like fun.

farawayeyes said...

Hey Bubba, take that verifier off. It's annoying and keeps people from commenting.

luckymama13 said...

Ok took verify off hope that helps, hey you gotta remember I am not some blog head :)

Barbara come visit anytime!!

farawayeyes said...

Just trying to help out.