Wednesday, May 18, 2011


So I of course follow my mothers blog, and she was talking about how bad she feels for not writing daily.

I come to my blog.....HOLY CRAP, it's been a month!!! To the day. I don't think I have many followers!! Not many of you have followed me in a literal sense anyways. So probably not a big deal, but to me it is.

Things have been BUSY! Actually the truth is the weather has finally turned, and I am motivated and excited to be outside. So therefore, my computer has sat and collected dust. Not all bad, sometimes it feels like you get sucked into the vortex of the internet, and then you step out and you realize you have been gone for hours!!

My girls also make it next to impossible for mom to sit at the computer much longer than 15 minutes.


8 1/2 years later and we finally built us a fire pit in our backyard. I have wanted one sense we built this house, but for some reason....I think I didn't want to dig a hole in my yard, I was waiting for one of those fancy $$ man made fire pits. Then Monday Macy and I were shopping and she asked if we could make Smore's. "Real Smore's with a camping type fire, not the microwave" She says. That night we made a fire pit, roasted mellows (as Macy still calls them), and had our Smore's.

Crazy neighbor is at it again. He cited our dogs for barking is a blatant lie. They were outside, with bark collars on, not barking. He called Animal Control, claimed out dogs barked for an hour straight. So back through the gamet.....talked to Animal Control Officers, our neighbor a County Deputy, and the Sargent of Human Resorces. The end result and council was to go to Court (with out a lawyer this time big waste for $2000), plead not guilty, go to the pretrail confrence with signed statements from all my neighbors, and hope that my neighbor will be seen in his true light and case will be dismissed. So far the one good thing is Animal Control is done, and they will no longer let my neighbor civilian cite me. They are done being his transportation for harrasment.

We got a bird, she is a Jenday Conure. Smaller parrot. She sqwaks a lot, makes a great cow elk call, and loves to perch on our doors. She is very pretty likes to sit on your shoulder. Macy loves her, even though it was my Mother's Day gift! Her name is Kaytee.
Our one Chesapeake is pregnant and going to have fancy AKC Chesapeake puppies in June.

We are breeding our one stallion to several outside mares. A good idea sense we have no mares of our own to breed to him. This is a lot of work, but the good news it is making us a little extra cash.

I have a Tomato Plant, and a great Strawberry plant. Macy is so excited. She wanted a garden, but between my grey thumb and the dogs, a garden is just out of the question. So we planted a tomato plant in a pot, and got a hanging strawberry plant. Macy loves it, and keeps eating all my strawberries the minute they are ripe!

SO we have had a lot going on. Thrilled that it is finally Spring/Summer. Trying to enjoy it as much as possible. Don't want to waste a I better go!!!

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Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Glad you finally got blogger to cooperate, sometimes it's a real pain. At least you had a pretty busy month, not some old dull boring one. So excited that the next blog should contain the travel news!