Sunday, March 18, 2012

Well It's Been Awhile, And I Need Some Therapy Again

As most of you know February 14, 2012 our lives turned upside down again, for the better this time I do believe....but getting there is the hard part.

Hard day today.

12 years ago I embarked on a career path, truthfully a life's destined path as a horse trainer. It started before that, at the age of 8 when I straddled my first horse and he took off at a dead run with no whoa. But 12 years ago I officially began to get paid for what I was destined to do.

Today I loaded my last horse into someone elses trailer and watched as they drove down the road. I am bawling, then and now. I cried as the daughter to Peppy climbed into this trailer (see blog history if you don't know her story). It is a twist in my journey, not an end, but a twist that is hard to manuever.

See we are moving to the U.S. Virgin Islands (for the readers who don't already know) and leaving behind the life of ranching as we know it. In a way I really can't believe that I am officially horseless for the first time in 23 years. I am sure given time I will be astride some unruly beast on a piece of paradise. I can't live without that fur beneath me for long, but it is still hard to fathom that my solitude is no longer in my own hands. I will have to beg, plead and barrow to have the comfort I have found so often with my face buried deep into the fur of a 1200lb bay creature. Almost always bay in one way or another..

I am very excited about our adventure that lies ahead. I love the ocean, water fills my veins, not blood. But as water runs through me, horse sweat fills me, and hooves pounding echo my heart.

I am heart broke tonight knowing I am leaving a piece of my soul behind.... precisely on a piece of property in Shelley, Idaho. There it will reside until I return.

Take care of my babies, protect them and know that I have truly entrusted you with a piece of my soul.....and if god takes them before I return, please let them know that I will expect them to be waiting to lead me to heaven.

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